Willa Hamry – the most friendly b&b in Zakopane, Poronin.

The fireplace hall

Our sitting room with a fireplace, decorated in a folk style is a perfect place to stay during long winter evenings. You can use a big TV with a home theater and a digital TV “n”.

Our guests really appreciate this common space because it gives the opportunity to spend time outside the walls of room and promotes networking with other guests. Also, children often make new friends. Available board games or cards allow you to spend your time in a more integrated way to family or friends than just watching TV. Fireplace room is the main place of evening meetings, especially if you are hosting a couple of close-knit families. When parents will put the children to bed now are free to spend time amongst themselves without fear of loud talking awaken their children. The advantage here is that none of the quests does not have to depart room to be able to spend the evening together with friends.