Wakacje w górach, Zakopane rooms – Grill, ognisko, relax


zakopane rooms Holidays in the Polish mountains almost everyone associated with all day mountain hikes and evening BBQ. Willa Hamry is in a terrific position from the point of view of people who want to go to the High Tatras. 15.5 km from the parking to Lysa Polana, and here begin the expedition to Sea Eye, Black Pond, Scratches, to the Valley of Five Polish Ponds and much more. 11 km is the distance to the boulevard the Slovak in Zakopane, where the open road on a scenic Tatra both Eastern and Western Tatras. After an eventful day You can take a rest at campfire or grill.

In the garden of the Willa Hamry we prepared a spruce part overlooking the mountains, where you can hear the sound of the stream.zakopane rooms Highland hut will provide shade on hot summer days, and will hide from the evening chill. For those who like sausages roasted on the fire has been prepared grill and fireplace. Another attraction for children is adding wood to the fire and watching a small waterfall flowing through our garden stream. It is one of the many attractions that make your vacation in the mountains, but not only. Long weekends, picnic, Easter is also the period during which our guests are happy to use the grill or campfire. The fire at the request of customers may accompany folk band, which in addition to the music, is also famous for a variety of highland stories.