Attractions in Zakopane region

All the major attractions in the Podhale region are close to us.

Bank Holiday weekend” At Gubałówka are organized folk group performances of Podhale and Slovakia. At the same time is Mountain National Festival and Folk Songs, demonstrations of Podhale folk artists and much more.

TATRA WICIa series of outdoor events organized during the summer, especially events in Zakopane – Zakopane in the Tatra Highlands attractions, includes parade robbers, staging highland wedding, festival Oscypek elections highland miss etc.attractions in Zakopane

INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE FESTIVAL OF MOUNTAIN enjoys an international reputation, it attracts the teams from around the world, showing their skills during the competition and concert grand final.

In addition to open-air events here you will find many suggestions for active holidays and relaxation in the mountains. In the „mountain trails” we will try to put all the necessary information about the trails, roller coasters, resorts, Tatra National Park, in the „thermal pools” and „slopes” are the most important information related to business hours and other useful tips. In addition to the earlier cultural attractions in Podhale and described in more detail in separate tabs attractions can be found close to us as well:

„Złota Grań” rope park in Zakopane – Gubalowka open daily 9.00-20.00.park linowy Zakopane

It is located at the top of Gubalowka, 60m from the top station of the funicular field PKL in Zakopane. It is one of the biggest adventure parks in Poland. You can choose from six routes of varying degrees of sophistication and 600m Tyroll rides. We offer Rope Park is also a track for paintball shooting.



„Gu-Gu” rope park in Zakopane.park linowy Zakopane

Located in the center of Zakopane, near the ski jump United Rafter. The offer has 20 lighted obstacles which beat takes about one hour. The park is a clearing with a stream, a pond and a bar.



„Stary Bór” rope park in Murzasichle

park linowy Poronin, Purzasichle

Park was built in 2010. It is closest to us. When designing and building involved people connected every day with the mountains and with extensive experience in the construction of such structures. For our Clients have been prepared at the beginning of the two routes of varying difficulty, suitable for children, youth and adults.




Of course, these are just examples of how you can spend your time with us. It’s not all the attractions in Zakopane which you can find. More information can be found in other areas of our website and welcome to the personal touch.